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Yes, we can arrange tickets to any city on earth.

We try our best to update the airfare, however, sometimes, the instant airfare will be avialble.

So, please contact us if you have any questions for your departure date!! Thank you!

If you book and got a deal on United Airlines N class fare,
Your advance seat assign would not accepted, your baggage is not free---even for Premier members!!

Winter Special

JAPAN POP-UP FARE!  10/29/19

Fall Special FARES from Los Angeles

Dec.2 (MON) Los Angeles - Narita JL 061

Dec.10(Tue) Narita - Los Angeles L 062

Fares are $891 including tax, airport fee!




We do not know how long it last!
Travel Date: Now ~ Nov. 16
Sample itinerary:
9/27 SFO- HANEDA  JL 001
10/16 HANEDA – SFO JL 002
$888 --- amazing!!


FALL RATE information:  7/18/17
Example dates: 10/4 SFO-TOKYO & 10/15: TOKYO -SFO
Roundtrip $1020 plus tax $1197.


Airline Summer Special 6/23/17

JL: July 1 ~ Aug.19 departure
ANA: July 1 ~ July 22 departure

San Francisco – Haneda/Narita Roundtrip From $1084 tax inclusive




Air fare information   7/23/14
The least expensive fare after Aug. 19 - Dec. 1, 2014  San Francisco - Tokyo/Haneda and Narita
Air Fare $669 plus tax $87.90 plus fuel charge $586.40 = total of $1,343.30


Japan Pop Up fare! 2/19/14

Now - April 21 departure
San Francisco - Tokyo

Sample itinerary:
March 27(Thu) San Francisco - Narita UA 837 12:00noon dep/3:10pm arr (3/28)
April  7(Mon) Narita - San Francisco UA 838  4:00pm dep/9:10am arr
Fare: Base fare $280+tax $85.10+fuel $580.00=$945.10

Purchase ASAP !!


It is not a dream to fly on FIRST CLASS..for you.!               11/18/13
Between San Francisco and Narita/Tokyo $6,278.50!
(Travel on weekday basis--Mon. through Thursday both direction)
It is only $1,200 more from Discount Business Class price.

Between Los Angeles and Narita/Tokyo $3,628.90!
(Travel on weekday basis--Mon. through Thursday both direction-50 days advance)



Winter Special Rate again!! 11 05 13

Base fare from $473 to Tokyo roundtrip plus fuel and tax----about $1101.


First Class Roundtrip Special rate: 08 29 13 !!!!

We were checking on any First Class DEAL...l? FOUND THIS AMAZING RATE.

It is almost like Business Class last minutes fare!!

Oct.  9(Wed) San Francisco – Narita
Oct. 15(Tue) Narita – San Francisco
Regular First Class Rate: $19,456 -----Our discount First Class Rate $6,285.10 ! WOW!
You need to book 14days prior to your departure
Penalty applies on change or refund



ANA  Special Promotion                 081613
Between San Jose and Narita/Tokyo
Dates:  NOW ~ Sept.30 departures
Flight Schedule
Leave San Jose at 1:05pm ---  Arrive Narita at 4:10pm next day
Leave Narita at 5:35pm ---      Arrive  San Jose at 11:10am same day

NOW – Sept.15   weekday/weekend  travel     $476+tax+fuel = $1,085.50
Sept.15 – Sept.30  weekday travel                     $413.75+tax+fuel = $1023.25
Sept.15 – Sept.30  weekend travel                     $476+tax+fuel = $1,085.50


Fall  Promotional fare! (8/5/13)
Nov. 5 (Tue) San Francisco – Haneda JL 001  6:00pm dep/10:25pm (11/6)
Nov.14 (Thu) Haneda – San Francisco JL 002 12:05am dep/4:15pm (11/13)
$542.00 + tax/fuel = $1,145.70!!

Nov. 5 (Tue) San Francisco – Narita  UA 837  11:00am dep/ 3:15pm arr (11/6)
Nov.14(Thu) Narita  – San Francisco UA 852  6:45pm dep/10:50am
$542.00 + tax/fuel = $1,144.80!!

Nov. 5 (Tue) San Francisco – Narita  NH 007 11:10am dep/3:25pm  (11/6)
Nov.14(Thu) Narita  – San Francisco NH 008  5:25pm dep/9:30am  
$542.00 + tax/fuel = $1,151.20!!


Just want to go to Japan for a week ?? (3/27/13)
You can work on Friday, half day then, fly to HANEDA, then fly back mid-night on Monday, arrive here on Sunday afternoon~~
May 24 (Fri) San Francisco – Haneda on JAL 001 7:05pm dep/10:20pm arrival on May 25
June 3(Mon) Haneda – San Francisco on JAL 002 12:05am midnight flight – arrive on June 2, 5:20pm.
Sample promotional fare is $1319.50!!!! (tax, fuel charge is included)


Spring Super Special JUST Announced! (3/15/13)
Now ~ May 10, 2013/03/13
Sample Flights on JAL
May 1 (Wed) San Francisco – Haneda JL 001 7:05pm dep/10:20pm
May 9 (Thu)  Haneda – San Francisco JL 002 12:05am dep/5:20pm (5/8)
Fare:$591.00 + tax $79.70 + fuel charge $598.40 = $1,269.10

Sample Flights on UA
Apr.25(Thu) San Francisco – Narita UA 837 11:00am dep/2:00pm (4/26)
May 8(Wed)  Narita -  San Francisco UA 838 3:55pm dep/9:00am
Fare:$591.00 + tax $85.30 + fuel charge $592.00 = $1,268.30




MarkTo Japan

*Roundtrip Advance Discount Fare: economy class

Mainly, we do business with Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways and United Airlines.
There are some super discount during some seasons as well. Please check the fare news Above!

MarkUnited Airline MarkJapan Airlines MarkAll Nippon Airways

2012 FALL Special Rate
*Oct. 23 - Dec. 13 departures*

San Francisco - Haneda or Narita  JL・UA・NH $578+TAX+FUEL


San Francisco - Osaka

UA   Now ~ Nov.30 departure $640+TAX +fuel

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*Economy Up Grade Fares

There are some economy class tickets which can be upgraded to business class by using your accumulated miles.

MarkUnited Airlines Roundtrip (Need 30000miles) updated on 7/5/2011

Between San Francisco – Narita/Osaka/Nagoya

United Airlines NEW mile rules with booking class of service

M class booking : $350 one way co-pay

Q/H class booking: $450 one way co-pay

V class booking $500 one way co-pay

W class booking $550 one way co-pay

S.T.K.L class booking :$600 one way co-pay

You will be paying above amount upon check-in on the day of departure.

B class booking~need 30000 miles but no extra cost.

Y class booking~need 20000 miles but no extra cost.

MarkJapan Airlines 10,000 miles~one way Premior Economy upgrade promotion!

San Francisco – Narita/Osaka/Nagoya


※Business Discount tickets

We do have business discount from US to Japan roundtrip and from Japan to US roundtrip!

The normal business class fare is $10166.10 ! Even some discount fare is $5,330 !!

Super Discount business is $ please call us! $ 415 788-6121 or



From Japan to US

Sept. 14 Haneda - San Francisco and Sept. 26 San Francisco - Haneda

The normal business class fare is $7063.40 , discount fare 1 $5,324.20 , discount fare 2: $4,088.20 !

Let us know if we can arrange your tickets!!


To Asia: Promotion

We do have super promotion besides your set rate below. Please call us 415 788-6121 or email us to:


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MarkTo Europe

There are many different kind of tickets to get to Europe.
Advance Purchase roundtrip Excursion Economy ticket.
Advance Purchase roundtrip Excursion Business Class Tickets.

For example, you wish to go to Paris on Sept.9th, 2009,
If you purchase 3 weeks advance tickets, it is normally $1224.

How about business class?
The regular full fare business class to Paris is $9,901.
But, wait, there are some promotional business discounts among several airlines.
If you purchase 50 days in advance, the same business ticket is $3,036!!
There are great discount business class tickets depending on your destination.


There are no discount Business to Frankfurt now, but there are to Munich, and visa versa.
If you ever think about purchasing discount business - ACT now !

MarkAround the World

Dreaming of traveling around the world?
It is not just your dream, yes, we can make it come true.
If you have three destinations on this earth, you can take an advantage of around the world tickets.

Economy Class Around the world $4,069+TAX and Fuel

Business Class Around the world $7,880+TAX and Fuel

First Class Around the world $11,440+TAX and Fuel

Example routing